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What are Web Cookies and How Do They Affect You?

When browsing the Internet, you have probably come across a pop-up that informs you that a website uses cookies. With GDPR rules recently put in place, this is a common pop up in many websites today. For the non-tech savvy, the only cookie they know is the one they have for a snack during the…
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How to Create Ads for Your E-Commerce Site

If you have an e-commerce platform, you should know how important online ads are when it comes to attracting potential customers to your website. Here are tips to help you leverage online ads to boost the performance of your business. Use Excellent Quality images The main purpose of using online ads is to grab the…
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Warnings You’re the Victim of a Data Breach

As technology advancement reaches its peak, the security of information online is waning. Now, hackers and cybercriminals are devising ways of infiltrating accounts with the intent of stealing as much information as possible. Businesses are at a higher risk of fraudulent activities and should always be aware of the signs of a breach. What is…
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How to Improve SEO as a Local Business

Did you know, if you occupy the number one position on Google search results, then you automatically enjoy 35% click-through rate from a mobile phone and 34.36% from a desktop? What does this mean? That SEO—the process of changing or altering the content and code of your website so that your site pages can rank…
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