You’ve Got Malware: What to Do If Your Network Is Compromised

The inevitable has happened. Despite all resources and time allotted to creating a strong cyber-security platform, malware has infected your network. With it brings all the dangers of system destroying bugs, and time is of the essence. If your network is compromised don’t panic, take action. Cyber-attacks are always changing, but there are always ways…
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Is Slow IT Support Hurting Your Business?

No one likes to have a computer issue. Whether it’s a simple error or virus infection, when a PC is compromised it’s frustrating and effects productivity. For businesses this is especially the case, and a reason they invest so much into IT support. Of course, it’s no good when the support itself is as buggy…
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Creating a BDR Plan for Your North Chicago Business

BDR is an essential part of any large company dealing with huge stores of data and consumer information. Simply put, BDR is “Backup Disaster Recovery,” or ‘data’ if one prefers. It’s a plan of action in serious times, where natural disaster, unintended damage, human error, or even theft has put important information at risk. Having a…
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