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Which Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency?

Computers and other types of IT hardware are designed to be highly efficient. However, within the context of the IT field, certain solutions perform better than others. For example, server virtualization is generally more efficient that operating a field of physical servers. Many Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency when it comes to daily…
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How to Plan for an IT Disaster (Before it’s too late)

Businesses should never wait for an IT disaster to happen to make a plan. What if you arrive at work to find your servers are down? Or your business floods, destroying your hardware? Here is a guide to creating the perfect recovery plan for your business. Know your recovery needs In order to make an adequate…
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Gmail’s Giant Flaw

Oren Hafif, a security researcher, exposed a major glitch in Google’s Gmail system. Hafif worked with Google to fix the problem, but the facts stay the same: millions of Gmail addresses were vulnerable to exploitation. A feature of Gmail allows users to delegate access to their account, meaning other people can delete emails, respond to emails…
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