Beware of Holiday Phishers


Phishing happens frequently and many email users have at least one story about it. Phishing is a scamming method used by online attackers who send out emails that contain malicious software or links. Once the recipient clicks on the links or downloads the software, their information can be exposed to the hackers and is put at risk. Phishers send these emails in hopes of gathering personal information to use to their advantage. Here are some things you should know to avoid being a phishing victim.

Never click on links from an unknown sender

Links contained in a random email can lead you to infected websites. If you don’t know the sender, don’t click on the links. Even if you do know the sender but are unsure of the link, confirm with the sender through a different communication channel than email.

Don’t give any information away via email

If the email asks for you to send information through a reply email, don’t do it. Most legitimate businesses don’t ask for information sent through email, and you can always call the business to double check.

Don’t download any files from an unrecognized email

If you receive an email from an unknown sender who asks you to download a file for more information or to confirm your information, don’t do it. More than likely, the file contains a malicious program that will monitor your computer and track your sensitive information, like credit card numbers and addresses.

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