Is Slow IT Support Hurting Your Business?


No one likes to have a computer issue. Whether it’s a simple error or virus infection, when a PC is compromised it’s frustrating and effects productivity. For businesses this is especially the case, and a reason they invest so much into IT support.

Of course, it’s no good when the support itself is as buggy as the affected technology. A backed-up IT department is problematic for a variety of reasons. A delayed response when looking to solve an issue, can turn in to unwanted and unavailable downtime. No business wants that, so it’s important to stop and ask whether your IT support is helping or hindering your business.

There are a few ways to figure out if support is actually doing more harm than good and it comes down to focusing on several areas of the company. The first thing to identify is actual cost. This includes your in-house or outsourced IT support. This also includes the returns; how effective the IT actually is. Figuring out how much downtime you avoided and the costs avoided can be matched with what’s actually spent on IT.

Other factors might include response time. Technical issues have a habit of escalating into bigger problems if left on their own. A decaying HDD needs to be backed up and replaced, for example. Left alone, however, data can be permanently lost. In this instance IT would need to address this quickly and efficiently. IT that isn’t doing this needs to be replaced. If an issue is getting to a critical state or taking longer than needed to be resolved, it demonstrates a lackluster support network overall.

IT support is also about the future, not simply handling issues as the come. Problems that are solved shouldn’t return and if they do, it’s a sign slow IT isn’t getting the job done. Additionally, every business needs to be aware of updates, upgrades and potential improvements to their overall IT structure. A good IT team will always be looking ahead, developing technological roadmaps to better assist a business. If IT seems like it’s just along for the ride or isn’t acting as a component of the business, it’s time to find a new method for IT support.

The bottom line is asking just what IT is doing for the company. Solutions is only one part of the service offered. IT services should always be responsive, available, and efficient. While some errors take longer to sort out than others, a tedious IT is only going to cause problems in the long run.