Warnings You’re the Victim of a Data Breach

As technology advancement reaches its peak, the security of information online is waning. Now, hackers and cybercriminals are devising ways of infiltrating accounts with the intent of stealing as much information as possible. Businesses are at a higher risk of fraudulent activities and should always be aware of the signs of a breach.

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is a security occurrence, intentional or unintentional, resulting in sensitive information being obtained by unauthorized personnel. This may result in huge losses to your business, allowing competitors to take advantage of your vulnerability.

Since data breaches are inevitable, it's important to know when you are a victim. Some of the signs of a data breach may include:

Irregularity in System Communication

In business, it is always hard to build trust. You should pay close attention to employee communication for irregularities. If you notice someone is sending large amounts of data to a destination outside of work, the situation should immediately be looked into.

Suspicious Changes in System Files

System files are one of the most notorious places that hackers attack. It is important to monitor the changes in the system files. Cyber criminals tend to modify or delete some of these system files to create a system backdoor.

Even though some changes are caused when updating your system, it is important to always know the reason for the changes if you are to avoid a data breach.

Unusual Activity in Administrative Accounts

In as much as the employees can be suspected of a breach, the supervisors with administrative access to information, should also be treated with the same level of suspicion. This is because you may notice bizarre access to large files or even the repeated access to important files in the company. This is a huge red flag of a data breach.

Physical Signs

Whenever you turn off your computer to go for a break or even head home. When you come back and find it on, despite your password being known by you alone, that is a sign that someone was there and might have already taken what he needed. Other physical signs may include an employee who suddenly behaves suspiciously around superiors. He/she may be hiding something and thus should be investigated.

System Suddenly Slows

Computers can’t become slow overnight but rather degrade slowly over time. Whenever you find your system has suddenly become slow, it's important that you carry out a full system scan using a viable antivirus utility. If you notice irregularities, be sure to alert your IT department immediately. This could be a huge indicator of malware or a virus and could be the result of a data breach.


As technology advances, hackers and other criminals are also becoming smarter. You should, therefore, understand the signs of a data breach early enough so that you can stop them.