How to Plan for an IT Disaster (Before it’s too late)

BDR plan

Businesses should never wait for an IT disaster to happen to make a plan. What if you arrive at work to find your servers are down? Or your business floods, destroying your hardware? Here is a guide to creating the perfect recovery plan for your business.

Know your recovery needs

In order to make an adequate plan, consider how your business would be affected by severe IT issues. How would it affect your employees work? Would they suffer from excessive downtime? What would you say to your clients, customers and/or employees to assure them that your business will be back on its feet soon? These questions are important to go over with your existing IT department to make sure you know what the steps are to take when recovering from an IT disaster.

Understand the risks

Although it may seem improbable, natural disasters happen and can affect your business. Even a simple accident made by an unexperienced employee can have devastating results without a backup plan in place. To avoid this, know what risks could possibly affect your IT infrastructure and have a plan for them.

Evaluate the impact of server failures

Knowing what data is most important is key when recovering from an IT disaster. You’ll want to make sure the most critical data can be retrieved first, and also how long the estimated recovery time is. This way, you can keep your employees and clients informed and reassure that the backup disaster recovery plan has been implemented.

Know the recovery process

As mentioned above, it’s crucial to know how long the recovery period will be. Recovery times vary based on the situation, and so do the processes. Don’t let your business suffer from excessive downtime!

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