How to Keep Your Social Media Safe

social media security

Lately, there has been news about cyber-attacks happening to retailers and consumers alike. When it comes to social media, it’s important to take steps in assuring that your information is safe. Don’t wait until a threat occurs to lock down your accounts! Here are a few tips for social media safety.

Two-step verification

A majority of the main social networks now have two-step verification options for users to provide an extra form of security. For example, when signing in, users can be sent a code to their cell phone that they’ll have to enter in order to access their account. The additional step for verification makes it so that hackers need more than just your login and password. Facebook, Twitter and Gmail all offer this.

Evaluate third party apps

Throughout the years, you may have accumulated apps and services that are connected to your main social media accounts. Whether it’s Candy Crush or Snapchat, these apps usually ask for access to your  Facebook or Twitter accounts. Although some are useful, every app is another opportunity for hackers to get into your accounts. Take inventory of the apps you use and delete the ones you don’t.

Be aware of phishing traps

A lot of hacks occur because people have clicked on malicious links unintentionally. If you’re ever guided to an unknown site or ask to login into an account from a pop-up, exit out of your browser and run a virus scan. Never provide any login credentials through pop ups, and never download software from a site you’re not familiar with.

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