4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT

outsourced IT

Outsourcing your IT has a vast amount of benefits. Whether you need daily monitoring or long-term IT solutions, Stratosphere Networks can provide the best-in-class outsourced IT services. To break it down, here are four main benefits of outsourcing your IT:

Lower Overall Costs

Paying individual salaries, for vacation days and holidays is expensive. Investing in an outsourced IT team means you only have to pay for the services you receive. With Stratosphere Networks, you’ll never need to worry about vacation days or sick time, because we provide 24/7/365 proactive system monitoring. Even if you have an existing in-house IT team, we’ll provide any extra assistance you might need if unexpected obstacles arise.

Backup & Recovery Plans

Our customized backup and recovery plans are made to fit your business and your budget. Our cloud solutions provide a convenient way to store important data so in the case of server issues or failure, you’ll have a recovery plan implemented right away.

Immediate Response Times

At Stratosphere Networks, we provide immediate response times through our 24/7 system monitoring. 95 percent of our help desk calls are solved on first contact, but should you need extra assistance we’ll send a technician to your location that same day.

Premium Technology

Technology is always evolving, and staying current with all of the new upgrades can be extremely expensive. Stratosphere Networks invests in all of the best technologies, so let us share our premium IT services with you!

Thinking of outsourcing your business's IT?

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