Working from home? Here’s how to avoid distractions

bright phone and coffee

It’s always convenient to work from home on those days when you have a doctor’s appointment, have to run extra errands or just need a little more shut eye. Having unified communications and cloud solutions in place, you’ll have no problem working from home. However, it can sometimes be distracting working from the comfort of your TV room and hard to concentrate. Here are a few tips to stay focused while working from home:

Switch up your work space.

A major contributor to distractions at home is the room you’re working in. If you’re working where you usually sleep, eat or watch TV, it’ll be hard to avoid those habits. Instead, designate an office space where you’ll be free from distractions. Or, you can go to a nearby coffee shop. Being around other people and in an active environment will keep your energy levels up.

Dress well.

A major benefit of working from home is staying in your pajamas all day. This can backfire, however, because you might become too comfortable and your productivy levels could decrease as a result. You don’t need to wear a business suit, but dress business causal while at home to keep yourself motivated.

Have a to-do list.

In the office, you may be more inclined to make a to-do list to stay on track. The same should be done when you’re working from home. Make a to-do list that includes notes from your supervisor and ongoing tasks so you can stay focused and set goals throughout the day.

Looking to switch to the cloud?

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