Benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol Phones

voip phone

Telecommunication has become an essential part of our lives. It has made it easier for humans to talk to one another, regardless of the distance. Telecommunication has affected businesses on a vast scale; these days it is almost impossible to find any business operating without the aid of telecommunication. And most of us can afford the telephone bills as we have a limited usage capacity. But, have you ever wondered that how much it would cost businesses to use regular telephone communication methods to carry out their business communications? Well, it will add up to millions. This would mean every business, whether large or small, would end up with huge debts instead of profits.

To address this concern, we have the benefit of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology allows businesses to make voice calls using the internet. Pipe technology, also known as internet telephony coverts the vibrations of the human voice to compressed digital signals that are transmitted as Internet Protocol (IP) packets. The services and benefits offered by VoIP technology is far superior to those provided by traditional phones.

Here are a few facts about the benefits of VoIP:

  • Cost Effective

If you are still using Packet-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phone lines, then it is time you switch to VoIP for your business communication. In layman’s terms, the time spent on PSTN lines for business is equal to the money wasted. Since international calls are very expensive, you should install a broadband internet system, like ADSL, in your workplace. This will provide a similar connection speed for a fraction of the cost. Many businesses are using unlimited 24/7 web services that provide numerous benefits at fixed monthly costs.

  • Conference Calls are the New Fad

When talking on regular telephones, you can connect to only one person at a time. But when you switch to VoIP, you can connect to the entire team simultaneously. This is possible because the VoIP technology compresses the data packets allowing more data to flow over the carrier at one time. This means more than one calls can be accessed through a single line.

  • Hardware and Software are Available at Low Prices

If you are already using a telecommunication system for your business, then you need only buy a few additional devices to set up a perfect VoIP connection. These include an Internet connection, sound card, speakers and a microphone. All these devices are available at different prices depending upon the brand you choose. Once you have the devices, all you need to do is install the correct software (such as Skype or Viber), and you are set to go.

  • Interesting Features

The sophisticated features available with VoIP will give you a rich and satisfactory communication system at incredibly low prices. These features include cloud contact storage, caller IDs, customized displays and beautiful themes to name a few.

These are just a few of the benefits of using VoIP. To learn more about how VoIP can help your business, contact Stratosphere Networks at 877-599-3999 today for a free audit.