Google Purchases Satellite Company for $500 Million

google satellite company

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, has announced its purchase of Skybox Imaging, a satellite company based in California. Google dropped $500 million in cash, deciding that Skybox Imaging will help Google with its popular map mobile app and emergency Internet services.

Google Maps provides users with satellite views, traffic information and street views while mapping out their desired route.   By purchasing Skybox Imaging, Google hopes to improve its services along with providing Internet access for areas hit by natural disasters and remote parts of the world. To achieve this, Google reportedly plans to spend an additional $1 billion to $3 billion to bring 180 high-capacity satellites which will orbit lower than traditional satellites.

Google has also been experimenting with balloon-powered Internet services. The company started Project Loon, an initiative to bring Internet to underserved areas. The balloons are located in the stratosphere, where they won’t be affected by inclement weather or airplanes. Google has successfully sent one of these balloons around the Earth in just 22 days. In addition, Google purchased Titan Aerospace last April, which is a company that makes solar-powered drones. The purchase was made after rumors that Facebook, one of Google’s top competitors, was going to buy it.

Along with Google Maps, Google is known for Google Glass and more recently, self-driving cars. The company continues to stay at the top of the technology food chain.