Groupon’s Getaway App

Groupon, an app famous for giving consumers discounts and deals, has announced its new Getaways app. This app groups travel deals together to make them more searchable for consumers.

According to Groupon, there are about 25,000 travel deals available at any time, and travel packages are offered at up to 60 percent off. Getaways users can search destinations by specific area, price or theme (like beach vacations, ski packages, etc.).
In addition to its new travel app, Groupon introduced its Snap app last October which lets users receive money back on grocery purchases. Groupon also recently added upscale restaurant reservations to its services.

The Getaways app will enter the arena with travel package sites like Kayak, Travelocity and Expedia. With its easy-to-use mobile access and Groupon’s reputation, Getaways should be successful. However, Groupon is running a contest to give one user a free trip.
The Getaways app is free and is now available in the Apple Store for download.

Would you use the Getaways app or is there a more preferable app or website to use?