The Best Tech Gadgets for Back to School

back to school gadgets

In this glorious age of integrated technology, access to information is immediate and easy, so it only makes sense to take advantage of the numerous resources available. The same concept applies to technology, and in this article I’ll go over some of the best gadgets a student can use for returning to school. As a preface, know it’s aimed at high school students and college alumni.

Amazon Kindle

Among the first to list is any variant of Amazon’s kindle tablets. These are excellent for mobile reading. They’re easy on the eyes and can hold entire libraries of important books in their digital storage. For any student, reading on the go can be crucial to their success, and kindles are a lightweight, less expensive option compared to text books.

External HDD

There are multiple types of external Hard Disc Drives on the market, and many of them are a good choice. Now, for about $50 you can snag an external with 1TB of storage. Having hard backups of all your files, from school work to the entirety of your personal computer can relieve a lot of stress. It’s great to have for any “just in case” scenario. For the data and price, it’s not harsh on a student’s budget either.

Noise Cancelling Earphones/Headphones

If you’re heading to college, one thing you’ll pick up on real fast is noise. College kids are fresh out of high school with newfound freedom and a desire to go crazy. One of the biggest ways to express it: get loud, through music or otherwise. For those who want to sleep well or drown out the hum of excessive base, any noise cancelling headphone or earplug will give you peace of mind.


You probably already have one, but a smartphone isn’t just a popular piece of tech for socializing. Smartphones, whether it’s an Android, iPhone, LG, Galaxy, or whatever else, pack quite a punch. They’re basically miniature computers, and with top notch data plans like from T Mobile, students can access the abundance of social and education resources with a few button touches. If there’s a graduation present to ask for from the parents, a Smartphone is excellent for both entertainment and academia.


Much like smartphones, tablets are the newest mainstream tech which have grown in popularity over the years, and for good reason. They’re not as heavy or demanding as laptops, have high power functionality and can work for reading, research, entertainment, communication, and so on.


Okay, this might sound silly, but automatic floor cleaning devices are actually pretty great for students, especially college ones. Whether you just don’t have the money to opt in for cleaning stuff or haven’t really thought about it, dirt builds up fast. A Roomba can keep the floor free of dust, debris, food crumbs, and more. You’ll want this because leftover food residue attracts pests like roaches.

Do you have a favorite gadget that’s perfect for back-to-school? Leave it in the comments below!