Chicago Tech Update

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Chicago is becoming a leading city in technology advances, and even in the past week has adopted new initiatives to continue expanding its technology projects. In case you missed it, here’s an update:
Illinois officials gave $2.5 million to 1871, a technology startup center.
Gov. Pat Quinn announced on June 17 that Illinois officials are giving $2.5 million to 1871 to use for its 25,000 square feet expansion. The expansion is expected to be complete by mid-October, and will have more room to take on other startups and events for entrepreneurs and industry professionals.
So far, 1871 has created more than a 1,000 jobs since it opened in 2012.
New sensors will be added to collect big data.
Researchers from the Urban Center for Computation and Data, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory have teamed up to create sensors to put around Chicago which will collect information about temperature, wind, pollution and foot traffic. The sensors are being designed by artists from the School of the Art Institute and will reportedly be on the streets by mid-July. Some experts are skeptical of the new initiative, dubbed the “Array of Things”, because they believe it will add to the Big Brother speculation and want to ensure that the sensors are monitored regularly.