Google enhances its Express Service

google express

Google has decided to enhance its same-day delivery service by adding more cities and merchants while charging a monthly subscription charge. Google Express, originally known as Google Shopping Express, is an online shopping service which offers same-day delivery to select cities. Newly added cities include Chicago, Boston and Washington D.C., which will join San Francisco, San Jose, Manhattan and West Los Angeles.

Three dozen retailers are available for customers to shop from through Google’s website, including Staples, Sports Authoring and Toys “R” Us. Customers have to spend a minimum of $15 and choose from morning, afternoon or evening delivery windows.

The newly implemented subscription fee is $10 per month or $95 a year. Customers can also pay $5 for individual orders if they do not want to subscribe. Additionally, Google has added alcohol to its list of items available for purchase in the Bay Area, granted the buyer is 21 years old or older.

As you may have noticed, Google Express offers similar services to Amazon Prime. Google has acknowledged that Amazon is its biggest competitor, and plans on continuing to expand its services.

Which would you use, Google Express or Amazon Prime?