Why Anti-Virus Isn’t Enough: The Need for Next-Gen Security Solutions 

It is almost impossible to run any business enterprise today without relying on the use of computers and the internet. Ever wondered how safe your databases are? If you asked what measures you have put in place, the most probable one would be an antivirus installed on all your computers, and hopefully that’s up to date. A single line of defense, however, is not enough in today’s cyber world.  It’s important to know why and how you can ensure that your databases are 100% safe and secure.

Why Antiviruses Are No Longer Enough

Remember that time when viruses were predictable and crude? Back then, antiviruses were an ideal way to protect computers and related gadgets against different viruses and malware. Gone are those days. Today, thanks to technological advancement and complexity, viruses have become more and more ubiquitous, leaving some devastating effects. The ease with which hackers make money from affected businesses have made the growth and circulation of today’s threats more frequent and rapid.

Most of these threats are spread around by cyber criminals who design them to be very swift and rapid, making the likelihood of them evading detection by an antivirus quite likely. This speed allows them to multiply and generate easily. Thanks to their speed, they cut across like wildfire and the all-round digital workspace comes in handy.

You know what this means? You can have malicious content downloaded to your PC just by visiting a certain website, and yes, without ever clicking any ‘download’ button. But how can malicious content affect your PC when you have antivirus software that is up-to-date? These attackers know they are operating on your flaws. They know you already have an antivirus in place. That being the case, they design malware that is much swifter compared to many antiviruses. They may even target the user as their point of access, to gain entry into a system without ever implanting a virus. We’ve heard about huge companies giving huge amounts of money to recover their data or guard their reputation. Do not let it get to that. Let Next-Gen security solutions experts do their job.

Next-Gen Security Solutions

As seen above, even the best antivirus can hardly secure your system fully. So how do you continue to use computers and the internet safely and securely? This is where you need a carefully thought and multi-layered security solution, read Next-Gen Security Solutions. This is the only sure way of getting protected against the many threats roaming the internet.

How Next-Gen Solutions Work

Next-gen solutions entail a number of solutions all aimed at ensuring that your digital space is safe and 100% secure.

  • IDS system

This is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that will constantly monitor how data flows across all your networks with keen detail to internet connections. It ensures real time detection of unauthorized attempts. As such, it can alert all admins before any attack has happened.

  • IPS system

Intrusion Prevention System, commonly abbreviated as IPS, takes action to protect your network. As soon as IDS detects the cause for alarm, IPS dynamically moves to shut down the networks with the prospective threat, all in real time.

These features allow enterprises to stop all advanced attacks by blocking malware in real time. To ensure that everything is safe, there is constant monitoring of all networks relating to your enterprise.

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