Five Tips to Speed up Your Mac


All digital devices come with some sort of design or performance drawbacks so that companies may have an opportunity to launch a better one with high costs. But since some of these devices are really expensive, we cannot manage to buy each of them over and over again within short periods of time. Mac computers are particularly very expensive, but are renowned for their performance, build, and advanced technology. However, even these computers periodically fail at keeping you fast and ready. In this fast-paced world, users find it very difficult to use computers operating at low speeds.

Here are five tips on how you can improve the speed of your Mac PC for better performance:

1. Maintain storage space of a minimum 10 percent

Firstly, to make sure that your Mac PC does not start running slowly, always maintain a storage space of at least 10 percent. If your PC has an unoccupied storage space of over 10 percent, it will make your computer work faster and smoother. Doing this will also help you to reduce disk swapping. To make sure that your PC is working smoothly, you must clean up your Mac at least once a month.

2. Keep fewer applications on startup lineup

Review your startup lineup weekly. Remove the programs that you do not need as they cling to your system’s RAM and make it slow by occupying more storage space. When your Mac has more RAM, it will be able to work faster.

3. PRAM: Reset it every once in a while

PRAM stands for Parameter Random Access Memory. PRAM stores the system settings on your computer and resetting it will help your MAC perform better. To reset your PRAM, you simply need to press four keys: Command, Option, P, and R. Do this while turning on your device. You need to hold all four keys together to make it work. After doing this, your computer will beep the second startup chime indicating the successful resetting of PRAM.

4. Update your OS X

We know it sounds like the most time consuming thing to do on the list, but an outdated OS X can create several problems in your system that may result in slow operating speeds. Updating the OS X on your Mac system also helps to get rid of other software problems in addition to changing the whole soul of your computer. At present, the latest version of Mac OS X available on the market is ‘OS X Yosemite’. If you are a techie, you can download the latest OS X from the Mac App Store yourself. If you are not well versed in these things, you can always consult a representative from the company.

5. Do not run too many programs in the background

Do not multitask. You may like to run several applications at once, but doing so may cause your Mac to slow down. To get the best speed while using your computer, make sure that you do not have too many applications running in the background.