How to Improve SEO as a Local Business

Did you know, if you occupy the number one position on Google search results, then you automatically enjoy 35% click-through rate from a mobile phone and 34.36% from a desktop?

What does this mean? That SEO—the process of changing or altering the content and code of your website so that your site pages can rank higher in search results—gives you an advantage over your competitors.

That said, you now need to ask yourself, how can you improve SEO as a local business to ensure you rank highly enough with the aim of increasing traffic and sales?

1. Take The Time to Research Your Keywords

Arguably the most important guideline because if you get the keyword wrong, then your customers will not find you.

A keyword or keyword phrase is essentially the word or combination of words that most of your customers use to search for you online. For example, assume you own a restaurant in South Bend, Indiana. An essential keyword phrase for you will be South Bend Indiana restaurants.

Therefore, research the keywords that relate to your business. Track any keyword ideas you have on an excel sheet. Note the main keyword phrases (head term) but also the more specific long tail phrases that relate to your main keyword.

2. Target Local Coverage

Local publications, especially the popular ones, rank highly on Google. Moreover, a lot of people read these publications to catch up on local news and happenings.

To improve your SEO, create or foster relationships with journalists in these publications. Let them cover your ongoing business, news and any upcoming events or happenings. If you manage to get the coverage, it will not take long before you notice an increase in traffic and an improvement in your local SEO.

3. Concentrate on Content

Content, as they say, is king. Gone are the days when you could stuff keywords in your content and get a high ranking. Google keeps getting smarter and its algorithms more sophisticated.

As a result, create a good amount of high-quality content. High-quality content is helpful to the user, it is unique, it is engaging, and it is not deceitful.

If you have high-quality content, the word will spread, people will share your content, and most important - other sites will link to your content. The result is an improvement in your SEO.

4. Optimize Your Title Tags with a Local Keyword

To help your pages rank locally, then you should optimize your title tags with a local keyword. For example, your title tag can be “house renovations Indiana.”

Such a title tag will signal to the search engine that the content or page is relevant to Indiana. Consequently, the page will show up in searches from that geographical area.

5. Claim a Google My Business Profile and Optimize it

Such a simple thing and yet it goes a long way in helping you improve your SEO. A Google My Business profile is a business listing that shows up in local searches.

Take the time to optimize your profile with a physical address, category, contact information, images and business hours. A good profile boosts your local search by a margin thanks to the legitimacy it gives your business.